An Important Announcement From our Beloved Founder/Director:

Dear Dancers and Parents,

        It is bittersweet that I announce my retirement from the directorship of The Marianne Anderson School of Dance. After forty-two years of the most joyful and satisfying career imaginable, I’m ready to begin a new phase of living knowing that the studio will be in excellent hands. I am eternally grateful to so many for the support and love I have received over these past many years. I will miss the young ladies and gentlemen. I will miss the creative process. But most of all, I will miss watching the magic being made by my dancers as they slowly evolve into disciplined and talented young adults. The MASD has grown to be everything that I ever wanted it to be and more. It has been the greatest privilege to share my passion for dance in my own warm, friendly environment with some of the loveliest people on the planet.

       Though no longer directing, I’ll continue to be a presence at the studio in a consultancy role, be available as a substitute teacher when called upon, as well as being present at performances and other special events.  My husband Roy and I have made plans to travel the U.S. It has always been his dream to do so. “Act One “ of my life has consisted of living my dream exactly as I wished. Roy will be directing “Act Two” of our life together and I will be following his lead.This casts me in a role I am not used to playing! I hope I can learn!

       I am so very pleased to announce, as well, that Marlene Carvalho will be taking over as Director of the studio.  Marlene is a lovely and most capable young woman who will maintain the high standards of the school and direct it in much the same model that I created.  We are working side-by-side and will continue to do so for as long as I am needed. We’re currently working on class placement and registration for returning students for the next school year. This will be available to you early next week. You can look forward to seeing old familiar faces, as well as some new faces at the studio, along with exciting new classes and dance experiences. The future of the MASD promises to continue offering the same comfortable atmosphere complete with Master classes, field trips, and the very same quality dance education you have always known. The ability to see the potential in others has, I think, been one of my most valuable qualities as an educator and director. I have chosen Marlene to carry on my work, the traditions of the MASD, and to nurture and grow my beloved creation.  She has my utmost confidence and support . I fully endorse her leadership of the studio and ask you to join me in welcoming Marlene to our MASD family!

                                                                                                                                                    With love and affection, 

                                                                                                                                                    Miss Marianne

P.S. The name of the studio will remain the same until sometime in 2016. 

         I will be  directing the camps as I have always done.

         Both Marlene and I will be available during the camps and throughout the  summer for your questions and opportunities to say both  “Good-bye”as well as “Hello”. 

         Plans for a reception,at the MASD, are in the works. Stay tuned…            



A Message From the Director:

  Dear Dancers and Parents,

            I am writing this letter to you today as a way to introduce myself and begin, what I hope, will be long-lasting  relationship.

            So I will start by saying: Hello! My name is Marlene Tiffany Carvalho. I began my dance training at a local school at  age three. I began teaching dance when I was thirteen through the school’s student teacher program; where I found my  calling. I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to strap on a leotard and lose myself to the absolute  euphoria that is teaching dance.

            I simply love to teach dance. There is no comparable feeling to the moment when my student reaches his or her  own dance goal; the moment they finally land that jump, complete that turn, or get the rhythm right. It is an inexplicable  thrill to share my passion for dance with young ladies and gentleman and to see the same passion ignite in their hearts. I  began to measure my success as a dancer by the success of my students at an early age and have carried this habit to  this very day.

            I attended Hofstra University on an academic scholarship and graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Science in Education, holding New York State Department of Education licenses in Dance and Social Studies (history being one of my many hobbies). I’ve taught dance in several school districts since, directing plays and dance clubs. All the while, waiting for the opportunity to arise when I could own my own school of dance.

            Then I met Marianne Anderson-Santilli. It was serendipitous how well she and I connected. I wholeheartedly share her vision, her philosophy about dance and the role of this particular school in the Wantagh/Seaford community. What she has created at the Marianne Anderson School of Dance is unique; and exactly how I always envisioned my own studio. I will forever be grateful to her for choosing me to carry the torch for her as she retires. She has given me the greatest gift: her trust. And I do sincerely hope that the Marianne Anderson School of Dance goes on, in her honor, for many more decades to come.

            I am full of hope for this new chapter. Thank you. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with you and your children!


                                                                                                                                                                       Marlene Tiffany Carvalho



Frequently Asked Questions about the Transition:

1. Are all of the teachers returning?

     Unfortunately, not all the teachers are coming back from last year. Some have chosen to stay and some have chosen to move on. But you can look forward to the same high caliber dance education that has been the hallmark of the Marianne Anderson School of Dance for the past forty-two years.

2. Will the MASD participate in competitions?

      No. The Marianne Anderson School of Dance will never participate in the world of competitive dance.

3. Will the traditions of the MASD still continue?

     Absolutely. Senior dances, senior solos for the rep girls, Holiday Performances, The Mid-Year Revue, teacher aides, student teachers, birthday circle songs, charity work, field trips, master classes, and all the practices you have grown to love and cherish will stay forever in place.

     Marianne is coaching Marlene in all of these, even the birthday song! Most importantly, Marlene always understood the importance of these traditions. She would never dream of taking away those special moments from the dancers and their families.

4. What will happen to the Junior and Senior Repertory classes?

     Junior and Senior Repertory will remain exactly the same. The Senior Repertory dancers from 2014-2015 will still have their place. The Junior Repertory will hold auditions, as always, in early October.

5. Where is Miss Marianne?

     At the MASD! Miss Marianne is running the camps this summer. She is working with Marlene to create the fall schedule, and ensuring that every dancer is properly placed in all of the appropriate classes. She plans to stay onboard indefinitely, until students and classes have successfully settled in. You can expect to see her at the studio throughout the school year, all MASD performances, and definitely at our Christmas Rockette Field Trip. 


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